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No two individuals are same. But the Purpose of Life is same for everyone. Philosophies Vary, Paths are Different and Practices are Unique. Every organisation and individual has their own unique issues, practices, paths and philosophies while everyone wants to excel. KIAP recognizes the uniqueness of every sector, every size, every industry and every culture – which is the Natural Phenomena. With the rich pan-Indian experience and global cross-cultural exposure, KIAP has evolved specific and winning models of initiatives that can be deployed in every stage of their Journey towards Perfection.

KIAP Enables Organizations By ...


Organisations and making them healthy and strong through Problem Solving and Process Improvement.


Through Structured approach for achieving Business Excellence in Medium Term.


Organizations through Cultural Transformation on to the Path of Perfection in Long term.


The Lean Way & Perfection through Certification Programs & site-specific In-house Training Programs.

KIAP Partners With ...


In understanding their specific issues and serving their growth needs through a Result Oriented Approach.

Family Managed Businesses

Enabling them to Professionalize and achieve Business Excellence while sustaining the family business.

Large Organizations

Multi-locational, cross-cultural, large Enterprises in their quest for Cultural Transformation.


Sowing seeds in their formative years, educating them on Lean & Perfection through well-structured courses.